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i think you gave me nightmare fuel. AWESOME!

absolutely stunning piece, specially when your imagining yourself trapped in a haunted old derelict orphanage hidden in a thick black forest in the middle of nowhere that turned out to be a underground secret complex for illegal twisted human experiments were conducted and constantly being chased by an entity taking a shape of a little girl in a red dress and always holds a doll who controls every single being or abomination in the area, struggling to get out of the complex, ending up getting blacked out and trapped and strapped tight to a stretcher, meeting a slow painful death as he was slowly being pulled apart and mulched by abominations controlled by the girl, limb by limb.


by just listening to this immediately generated a video in my head of a picnic scene starring Joseph Stalin eating his cakes, then heard a tiny plane flying about like a pesky little fly, then Stalin just hopped on a ZPU-4 and started to blast away on the little plane with everything the thing got and fails...

yep, that is what i thought when listening to this. XD and yet, the remake you made of this timeless classic is very well made.

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sweet for today's generation kill when you ride to war in game


god... you just made my ears had an orgy listening to this, clearly this is pure win man, pure win. it'll be awesome if it was in a 3D short or make a music video purely for this track. i apologize that this isn't much helpful but lets say that the world needs more of people with you with this kind of gift, i'll keep a very close eye (or ear) on your works. 10/10 5/5 man

mr-jazzman responds:

Awesome man, thanks for your feedback! =) Glad the track gave you an orgasm lol.

sweet rolls on a DUMPLING BUN!!

dude! the lyrics! i just did that this morning! XD

anyways this would be awesome if this was to be made a flash video or a cartoon short. 5/5 10/10


i... i think i just had eargasm. awesome man, i really love how it flows through my headphones in full blast XD

alextheDJ responds:

I'm glad my music brought you pleasure! lol Thanks! :D

my my....

i haven't heard anything more relaxing than this. awesome man. I'm really sorry for your loss


peaceful music man. love it till the end, well the vocals was saying "goodbye my friends, see you next life." kinda bring the message to me that the guy wanted to go suicide. other than that, it's cool

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cool man

YEAH! what they said!

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vai90 responds:

Lol, thank you. :D


awesome man! love the cool beats and all.... make it longar nao!!!! XD jk... awesome

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vai90 responds:

Hmm, maybe...sometime.^^

i mainly draw doodles stuff out of boredom... all of the stuff i drew is in me online gallery......if you want to chat with me or just plain having mindless typing fun....just PM me, k?

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